About Us

REDCON proudly holds its position as one of Egypt’s elite construction leaders

• Celebrating its 30th anniversary, REDCON Construction proudly stands as a prominent player in Egypt's EPC industry.

• With a diverse portfolio, REDCON encompasses eight companies contributing to various sectors, including construction, aluminum and glass façade solutions, steel production, ready-mix concrete, technology infrastructure, and real estate development.

• Steered by core values, unwavering standards, and a strong sense of social and cultural responsibility, REDCON brings its accumulated expertise, knowledge, and practices to the forefront. Its impact is evident across a spectrum of industries, from residential developments to manufacturing, infrastructure, education, hospitality, commercial, industrial, healthcare, solar and renewable energy projects, as well as transportation networks.

• At REDCON, a legacy of excellence has been nurtured, and there is a commitment to continually shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for Egypt and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is driven by a clear and ambitious goal to achieve regional and international expansion. We actively pursue intricate and diverse business opportunities, guided by a strong emphasis on value engineering, synergy, and innovative design. Fueled with our passion for excellence, innovation and sustainable growth, we strive to redefine the standards of the industry on a global scale.

Our Vision

We are determined to become the Green Builder of Choice while securing a spot within the ENR top 250 construction companies worldwide.



Board Of Directors

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Affiliate Companies

Crafting Tomorrow's Landmarks Today.

REDCON, as one of Egypt’s leading and largest engineering, construction, and infrastructure firms, collaborates closely with our affiliated companies as a part of REDCON Group’s Family, which includes :