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Constructing a Difference

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REDCON Construction

REDCON Construction is a leading Egyptian EPC Contractor.
We have thirty years of extensive experience in construction among various industries; Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Hospitality, Education, Medical, Industrial and Infrastructure serving public and private national and international clients.

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Reaching New Heights

The Gate Tower - North Coast's Iconic Marvel

Spanning an area of 265,800 square meters, The Gate Tower reshapes the city’s skyline, embodying our unwavering commitment to construction excellence.

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REDCON Central Park

A sustainable haven in the heart of Egypt’s urban landscape

The Central Park, a breathtaking masterpiece and one of the largest parks in the Middle East.

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Golden Gate

Covering 160,000 square meters, Golden Gate is a vibrant outdoor landmark in New Cairo's South 90th Street, offering a multi-layered experience.

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Maspero Towers

REDCON Construction’s impressive addition to Cairo’s skyline and the nation’s vision for 2030

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The Latin District

Embracing Heritage - In the classic Greco-Roman architectural tradition, nestled on the North Coast of Egypt

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New Alamein International University

REDCON's Masterpiece in Modern Educational Architecture.

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Magra Al Eyon

Where Cairo's Architectural Heritage Meets Modern Mastery

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Ain ElSeera

Reviving the historic grace of Ain El Seera

this area now transformed into an attractive hub with various services, a lake, and a surrounding commercial zone.

Affiliate Companies

Crafting Tomorrow's Landmarks Today.

REDCON, as one of Egypt's leading and largest firms, collaborates closely with its affiliated companies as a part of REDCON Group's Family;