Amal Abdelwahed

" The Morse code for deciphering a financial statement for a successful construction Company is not by looking at its bottom line, but rather, by focusing on the capabilities that made it . "

About Mr.Amal Abdelwahed

With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in finance and management, Mr. Amal Abdel Wahed is a seasoned expert in revenue enhancement, cost control, financial analysis, corporate governance and investment evaluation. Throughout his career, Mr. Amal has been guided by unwavering commitment and business ethics. As a board member and co-founder of more than 10 companies across various sectors, he has consistently upheld these values. His exceptional acumen and dedication have contributed significantly to the success of these enterprises.

At REDCON Construction, Mr. Amal plays a pivotal role as the CEO. He has been instrumental in shaping the company’s growth strategy and orchestrating internal restructuring efforts. With a keen focus on profitability and precision, he is responsible for planning and implementing strategies that drive the company’s success.

Mr. Amal Abdel Wahed’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in shaping REDCON Construction’s trajectory. His dedication to integrity and excellence continues to drive the company’s pursuit of success.

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